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"Kids can walk around trouble if they have someone to walk to."

Little Children Are Important

If you are little and someone is hurting you, or touching you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable [or someone has hurt your before], it is important to try and tell. It's important because you're important and it's not OK to hurt kids.

What is child sexaul assault?

Sexual Assault includes any action in which someone forces, tricks or threatens you into sexual acts. Sexual assault is a crime and is never justified. It is never the fault of a child.

Who Can you Tell?

Mostly children tell the adults around them if they are hurt or upset. If you can't tell someone in your family [maybe because that it is where the hurting is coming from] there are other people you can tell.

  • maybe talk to a friend
  • a friend's mum
  • or a teacher at school

How Do I Tell?

Maybe you're thinking "I already tried to tell". Perhaps you said:

  • you don't like going to your Uncle's; or
  • that you're step dad touches you.

Some grown ups don't know about kids being hurt in a sexual way. So when you have said you're step dad touches you , you're mum [or who ever you told] might not know what this means. So you might be thinking "what do i need to tell?"

Maybe You're Not Sure If It Is OK or Not

Maybe you're not sure if something is OK or not. These pictures might help you understand what isn't OK.

sexual assault sexual assault sexual assault sexual assault

Who Else Could You Talk To?

If you can't decide who you can talk to, maybe you could ring the kids helpline. It doesn't cost anything to ring1800 55 1800, and they talk to kids a lot. You could also click on this link, and talk to them on line. KidsLine

It's Not OK to Hurt Kids

Even if you can't think who it would be safe to talk to, try and remember being hurt isn't your fault. If someone is touching you in a way that makes you scared or uncomfortable, touching private parts of your body, or touching private parts of their body in front of you, then try to talk to someone.

Tricks People Who Hurt Use

Perpetrators [a name we call people who hurt] can be very tricky, they can make you think that it was your fault. Being hurt is never the fault of a child. Sometimes perpetrators bribe you with gifts, and sometimes they threaten you or other people in your family. Some perpetrators might tell you this is waht happens in all families, this is called a trick. Some perpetrators might say if you don't go with them, then they will hurt someone else in your family, this is what we call a threat. Perpetrators use many tricks to keep hurting children, and to keep you from telling someone.

Internet Safety

Kids are on the computer and internet a lot more today. It's important to learn that people who abuse kids can be very tricky, and sometimes when you are talking on the internet they might pretend to be you're friend. Being on the computer can be fun, when you’ve done your homework there are lots of games to play, as well as talking with your friends. But it is also important to be safe, the same as using the crossing when you go to school.

Rules for Online Safety

I will not give out personal information such as my address, telephone number, parents’ work address/telephone number, or the name and location of my school without my parents’ permission.

For more info, check out Kids Helpline

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